If you spend much time talking about dirty clothes, you’ll eventually come across a debate over the merits of dry cleaning versus laundry. While some people say that one is better than the other, that’s not really true. Both serve important purposes, so it comes down to selecting the right option for the job. Find out how to choose between dry cleaning and laundry. Then, you can use a dry cleaning or laundry pickup service in NJ to clean your clothing.

NJ Laundry Service Vs. Dry Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

Before choosing between dry cleaning and laundry, it’s essential to understand the difference between the two. Both options are used to clean clothing. However, the process is different for each. If you choose an NJ laundry service, the team will use water and detergent to clean the clothing. Dry cleaning forgoes water and uses a chemical to break down the stains and clean the garments.

Depending on your needs, you might need to search for a dry cleaner or a “laundry service pickup and delivery near me.” Let’s look at some different situations to give you a better idea of which you need.

Start By Looking at the Care Instructions

Garments include care instructions that explain how you should clean the items. Begin by looking at the tag to see if you have specific instructions regarding dry cleaning or washing. If you do, follow those instructions to ensure that your garment is cleaned properly. Your dry cleaning or pickup laundry service will also use the tags as a guide when cleaning your clothing.

Difficult to Treat Spots? Consider a Pickup Laundry Service in New Jersey

If you have clothing with hard-to-treat spots, you might think you need to have the items dry cleaned. That’s true if you’re dealing with oil-based stains. However, if you have organic stains such as mildew or sweat, an NJ laundry service can handle them. Professional laundry services have the tools and skills necessary to tackle even the most difficult stains. Because of this, it’s best to have a professional analyze the stains and determine which option is right for you. Then, you can get the stain removal service you need to make your clothing look new.

Check the Material When Choosing Between Laundry and Dry Cleaning

You also need to consider the material when choosing between laundry and dry cleaning. You can wash cotton, linen, silk, spandex, wool, denim, and an assortment of other fabrics. However, each fabric has specific washing instructions. Some materials need to be washed in warm water, while others require cool water. Then, some must be air-dried. Keeping up with the requirements can be overwhelming, so you can avoid the problem by choosing a pickup laundry service in New Jersey.

Then, some fabrics need to be dry cleaned. These fabrics include velvet, leather, and silk. You also need to dry clean embellished items. When you use a service that offers both dry cleaning and laundry, the staff can separate your items based on fabric and then choose the proper cleaning option for each one.

Consider the Fit

You should consider the fit when deciding if you need to have your garments laundered or dry cleaned. Tailored items such as suits and jackets should be dry cleaned to maintain the fit. On the other hand, if an item isn’t tailored, you can likely launder it without any concerns.

Is It Difficult to Iron? Consider a “Laundry Service Pickup and Delivery Near Me”

There’s a myth that if an item is difficult to iron, you have to get it dry cleaned. It’s true that if you handle the washing yourself, you might have trouble making it look crisp, especially if it is full of tucks or pleats. However, when you use a professional NJ laundry service, the team can make it look new. Pickup laundry services offer ironing, so your garment will come back looking sharp. If you have such an item, you can choose between laundry and dry cleaning. Each will work for your garment, so analyze other factors before selecting a service.

What’s Your Budget?

When deciding between laundry or dry cleaning, you should also consider your budget. You can find affordable options for both dry cleaning and laundry in New Jersey. However, laundry services tend to be a bit cheaper. Laundry is priced by the pound, while dry cleaning is priced by the item. If you have a lot of garments to clean and you’re on a tight budget, laundry is likely the way to go.

You can save even more money with a pricing plan. The plans charge you a fee per month for a set number of pounds of laundry. This reduces the cost per pound, allowing you to use a top-notch laundry service for less.

Get Help Choosing the Right Service at a “Laundry Service Pickup and Delivery Near Me”

Are you still unsure of which service you need? A pickup laundry service in New Jersey can help you select between laundry and dry cleaning. Then, the service can pick up your clothing, launder or dry clean it, and drop it back off. It’s so easy to use that you will wonder why you’ve been doing laundry the regular way all these years.

That’s especially true when you consider that you can get a special offer as a new customer. Save money on your first laundry or dry cleaning order, so you can test drive the service for less. Claim your special deal online while scheduling the service. Then, let the dry cleaning and laundry service take over for you, so you can mark one chore off your list.