Most people like the convenience of being able to throw their clothes in the washing machine or scheduling a drop off laundry service near me. But putting certain items in the washing machine can damage them. Learn how to tell which items can go in the machine and what should always be brought to your local dry cleaning services.

Check the Tag to Be Sure

Before looking at specific items and materials that always need a dry cleaning service, you should know that your clothing’s tag will tell you what to do. If it says, “dry clean only,” it needs to be dry cleaned. If it says, “Machine-washable,” you can throw it in the machine or bring it to a wash and fold service. Just remember to also check the drying instructions before bringing your clothes to a laundry service. Many items are machine-washable but shouldn’t go in the dryer.

With that in mind, here are some materials that you will likely need to dry clean.


When your leather items need to be washed, opt for an NJ laundry service that offers dry cleaning. Professional dry cleaning can even be enough to revive older leather items. As a bonus, it can remove stains without any risk of cracking the leather or shrinking it.


Linen will do best with dry-cleaning services, as this is the optimal way to maintain its quality. That being said, you can sometimes get away with washing it by hand in cold water. But if you don’t do that hand-washing properly, the material can start to feel rough.


Given that rayon is semi-synthetic, many people expect that you can just throw it in with the rest of your items for a personal laundry service. But there are a few issues with washing rayon in the machine.

To start, there is a very real risk that it will shrink. It can also lose its shape. On top of that, any dyes on the rayon can bleed if you wash the item in the machine or even by hand. So, you will end up with ill-fitting, shapeless clothing without the colors it originally had if you don’t dry clean your rayon items.


Silk is another item that should be given to a dry cleaning pickup service instead of putting it in your washing machine. Like linen, you can technically hand-wash some silk. But that just isn’t the safest option. And it isn’t even a choice for some silk. Always dry clean silk with prints, lining, or either bright or dark dyes. A dry cleaning iron service is the best way to ensure that the material doesn’t lose any of its luster or color.


Suede and water do not get along, so always opt for fast dry cleaning near me instead of a regular laundry service. Water, even snow or rain, can easily ruin suede. Suede is also sensitive to moisture, light, and chemical-based cleaners. So, always stick to dry cleaning. And because of suede’s sensitivity to chemical-based cleaners, opt for eco-friendly dry cleaning whenever possible.


As long as you keep wool away from water, it can be incredibly durable. But washing wool with water gives you a very high risk of it shrinking. That’s why organic dry cleaning will be the best option.


You are likely used to throwing your jeans in the washing machine and then moving them to the dryer. But this is actually not ideal for your jeans. At the very least, you want to wash jeans inside out using cold water and then hang them to dry instead of putting them in the machine. However, denim does even better when dry cleaned. This will help with quality, appearance, and longevity.

That being said, most people will just include their jeans in their wash and fold laundry near me. But if you have expensive jeans or a favorite pair that you really want to last, opt for pick up dry cleaning instead.

What Materials Don’t Require Dry Cleaning

Now that we’ve covered what materials require dry cleaning delivery service, what can you bring to a regular wash and fold service near me?


Cotton is one of the easiest materials to take care of as it is machine-washable and can go in the dryer. Most cotton clothing comes preshrunk, so you don’t have to worry about the heat from the dryer shrinking it.

Synthetics, Including Polyester

Most synthetic materials don’t need special care. If you have clothes with polyester, spandex, nylon, acetate, or acrylic, it should be safe to go in the machine. And you can typically put blends of these materials in the washing machine as well.

Cashmere – But Don’t Put It in the Machine

Cashmere doesn’t require dry cleaning, but that doesn’t mean you can put it in the washing machine. Most cashmere should be hand-washed with cold water and mild shampoo. This is because the machine can damage it, but cashmere is also sensitive to chemicals.

Remember to always check the instructions on the tag. If your cashmere says it can be dry cleaned, be sure to opt for an eco-friendly option. That’s because the biggest issue with dry cleaning cashmere is the harsh chemicals.

What About Other Materials?

What if your clothes feature a material not mentioned above? The two best options are to look at the tag for care instructions and to ask your local laundry service. Either should give you a clear answer on how to wash a given item.

Schedule Dry Cleaning and Laundry Pickup Together

The best laundry service pickup and delivery near me will let you send items for both dry cleaning and for wash and fold laundry. You will just need to sort them into separate bags but will get the convenience of a pickup laundry service New Jersey even if your items have slightly different care instructions.