Your comforter might look clean as a whistle to the naked eye, even after months of use, but unless it’s vacuum-sealed, that’s not the case. While your comforter doesn’t get dirty as quickly as your sheets and pillowcases, it still accumulates tons of skin cells, dust mites, and other nasty invaders that you’d rather not have in your bed. That adds up over time, so it’s essential to wash your comforter at least twice a year. You’ll want to wash it more often if you are prone to allergies since the dust mites can cause a flair-up.

Washing your comforter is a little more challenging than laundering sheets and pillowcases, though. Thus, check out some tips to help you launder your comforter. While going through the tips, keep in mind that you can use a pickup laundry service in New Jersey instead of doing the job yourself. Then, you’ll get professional results without having to put in the work.

Make Sure It’s Machine Washable

Always read the care label before cleaning a comforter. While some are machine washable, many are dry clean only. That means you can damage the material by running it through a regular washing cycle.

Fortunately, a “dry clean only” label doesn’t mean the process has to be more challenging. Instead, you can send it to an NJ laundry service that provides washing and dry cleaning. This is also a great choice if you’re unsure about which cleaning method to use. The professionals will examine the fabric, read the care label (if attached), and ensure it receives a proper cleaning.

Use an NJ Laundry Service If Your Machine Is Too Small

You need a high-capacity washing machine to accommodate your comforter. If it’s too big for the machine, it can break your washer. Plus, you can end up destroying the comforter. Even if it makes it out intact, it probably won’t be very clean since it’s hard for soap and water to reach everything when there isn’t space to remove around inside the washer.

Some people choose to handwash large comforters in the bathtub, but it’s a challenging process. You’ll find that it’s much easier to outsource the task. Once you select a company that offers “laundry service pickup and delivery near me,” you can place the order and hand the bedding off to the valet. Oh, and don’t forget to toss in your other laundry as well. Then, you can get a real break from doing laundry.

Inspect the Comforter

If your washing machine can handle your comforter, you’ll be ready to move on to the next step. At this point, you’ll need to thoroughly inspect the comforter to make sure it doesn’t have any damage. Loose seams, tears, and other issues can worsen during a washing cycle. Thus, fix the problems now before laundering the comforter.

Don’t worry if you sent your comforter out to an NJ laundry service without inspecting it. The staff will handle that task for you and reach out with any issues.

Pretreat Stains or Use a Pickup Laundry Service In New Jersey

Did you come across any stains when inspecting your comforter? If so, you’ll need to pre-treat the stains before laundering your bedding. Otherwise, the washing process can cause the stains to set in, forcing you to replace your comforter.

Are you having trouble removing the stains? You can send it to a laundry service and let the professionals tackle them.

Place the Comforter in the Washing Machine

Next, you’ll need to put it in your washing machine by itself. Be mindful of the agitator if your machine has one. The comforter can get caught up in it, causing the load to go off balance. Thus, drape it loosely around it so it’ll have room to move. Otherwise, you just need to double-check that the comforter has enough space.

Choose the Wash Cycle

Choosing the proper wash cycle is also critical. If your comforter just needs freshening up, you can go with the gentle cycle. However, you’ll want to use the bulk cycle setting for deep cleaning. If your machine doesn’t have that option, you can use an NJ laundry service instead.

Select Detergent

You should also be careful when choosing a laundry detergent when washing your comforter. If you have problems with allergies, you’ll want to go with a fragrance-free detergent. That way, you can snuggle up in bed without developing itchy bumps and rashes.

A mild detergent will do the trick if allergies aren’t a concern. Then, you can enjoy a fresh scent while drifting off to sleep.

Wash the Comforter

Your comforter will finally be ready to go through the wash cycle. Keep in mind that comforters are big and bulky, providing ample spots for soap to hide. Thus, put it through an extra rinse cycle to get rid of the excess soap.

Dry the Comforter

Once hour computer is clean, it’ll be time to pop it in the dryer. Normally, you can turn on the dryer and forget about it until it finishes. However, you need to be more hands-on when drying a comforter, or you’ll end up with lumpy, uncomfortable bedding.

Put it on low heat, and then stop the dryer several times throughout the cycle to fluff the comforter. That way, the stuffing will be evenly distributed when you take it out and put it on your bed. You can also throw some tennis balls into the dryer to help keep it fluffed, but they won’t serve as a replacement for hands-on fluffing.

This is pretty time consuming, so don’t hesitate to use a pickup laundry service in New Jersey instead. Then, you can spend your day doing your favorite things while the professionals take care of the details.

Laundry Service Pickup and Delivery Near Me – Schedule a Service Today

Are you a little overwhelmed with the very thought of washing your comforter at home? You have to follow a lot of instructions, and one mistake can damage your bedding or washing machine.

Instead of taking on this stress, let an NJ laundry service do the work for you. First, sign up online and schedule a laundry pickup and delivery service. Then, get your bedding ready for the valet to pick up. The valet will grab it when it’s ready and bring it to you so you can sink into a clean, comfortable bed.