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You can’t help but feel a little nervous when you have to wash and fold delicates. If you make a mistake, you know you can ruin them, meaning you’ll have to buy replacement garments. You don’t want to do that, so you’re looking for a solution.

Find out how to wash and dry delicates without ruining them, and then discover how a laundry delivery service can help. When you use a delivery service, you can pass on the task to someone else, so you won’t have to deal with delicates. That way, you can get freshly laundered clothing without the hassle.

Separate Your Clothing

You likely know that you need to separate light and dark clothing. However, you might not be aware that you also need to separate delicates from other clothes. Delicates require special care, so if you combine them with your other clothes, they could get damaged. Always separate the clothing before you begin washing. If you aren’t sure how to separate it, your laundry delivery service can handle it for you. Such a service knows how to properly launder each type of clothing, making it easy for the staff to separate it properly.

Soak Your Delicates If Needed

If your delicates have stains, consider soaking them before you wash the garments. Soaking will penetrate the stains, making them easier to treat. Begin by submerging the garment in lukewarm water and gently rub the stain. Then, change the water and let the delicates soak for 15 minutes. Change and refill the water one more time, so the garment can soak for another five minutes.

Water temperature is important when soaking delicates. You don’t want to soak delicates in hot water since that can shrink or damage the material. If you are unsure of how to soak delicates properly, don’t try to do it yourself. Instead, contact a laundry delivery service to pick up your clothing and care for your delicates.

Wash Delicates on a Gentle Cycle

Your washing machine has lots of different cycles for you to choose from when washing clothing. Choose the “Delicate” setting when washing delicates. This cycle mimics hand washing, so it’s gentle on your delicate clothing. The cycle washes and spins at a slower rate, so it doesn’t damage or stretch your clothing. However, if your laundry machine is older or in poor condition, the “Delicate” setting might not function as it should. A laundry delivery service uses state-of-the-art washing machines that are gentle on delicates, so you don’t have to worry about damage.

Know When to Hand Wash

Some items are so delicate that you don’t even want to use the “Delicate” cycle. You will need to handwash these garments. Handwashing is an art form. You need to make sure the items are thoroughly cleaned without damaging them. Again, it’s wise to use a laundry delivery service for this. The staff can handwash your clothing so it’s just as clean as it would be if it went through the washing machine. Plus, you will appreciate not having to do the work. Handwashing can be time-consuming, so it’s nice to pass on this task to a company.

Put Undergarments in a Mesh Back for Washing

If you have undergarments with hooks or wires, you need to separate them by placing them in a mesh bag when washing. They will still get clean, but you won’t have to worry about the hooks or wires damaging other clothing. When you use a laundry delivery service, the team will handle this for you. The staff will also ensure that your garment bags only contain two or three pieces, so they don’t get hooked together while washing.

Use the Right Method for Drying Your Delicates

You also need to take special care when drying your delicates. Most often, you will need to air dry the clothing. However, you can dry some delicates using the low-heat setting. Knowing which delicates to put in the dryer and which ones to air dry can be challenging if you don’t know much about laundry. A laundry drop-off service can analyze the fabric to determine which items can go in the dryer and which ones need to be air-dried. The company won’t put your clothing at risk, so you’ll know everything will receive the best care possible.

Folding Delicates With Help From a Laundry Delivery Service

Folding delicates is almost as complicated as washing them. Delicates are prone to wrinkles and creases, so you have to take special care when doing this. It becomes even more complex when your delicates include embellishments. The folding technique differs depending on the type of delicates you’re folding.

Because it’s so tricky, it’s best to use a laundry delivery service for this. The company will deliver your laundry folded and ready to put away. This can prevent a huge headache. Without such a service, you can easily spend the better part of an afternoon wrestling with your delicates while attempting to fold them. You’d likely rather use that time on something else, so definitely choose a service for this.

You shouldn’t treat your delicates like other items in your laundry basket. They require special care, so use a laundry delivery service.

The process for using a laundry delivery service is straightforward. You’ll schedule a pickup, so the company can pick up your delicates and other clothing. The driver will take your clothing to the facility, where the team will wash it, taking special care of your delicates. When your laundry is done, the driver will deliver it to you. It will be folded, so you can put it up and won’t have to give it a second thought until you have dirty clothes again. When that happens, you can go back and use the service again.

Learn more about using a dry cleaning drop-off and delivery service, and then schedule your first pickup.