Are you tired of doing your own laundry and ready to make a change? If so, consider using a wash and fold laundry service. These services provide numerous benefits, including some you might not have considered. Let’s go over the top benefits and then find out how to schedule a service today.

Save Time With a Wash and Fold Laundry Service Near Me

On average, women spend almost two hours a week devoted to laundry. It’s a little better for men, with most guys spending 35 minutes a week on laundry, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of course, some people spend much more than the weekly averages.

Whether you spend 35 minutes, two hours, or more, you can get your time back by using a wash and fold service. The service will take care of your clothing so you can spend your time however you like. You’ll find that most tasks are more enjoyable than doing laundry, so you’ll love having your time back. Plus, you’ll be a lot less stressed since you won’t be stuck trying to cram too many tasks into a single day.

Avoid the Hassle With Free Pickup and Delivery

You want to save time, so the idea of driving back and forth to a wash and fold service isn’t ideal. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that. You can choose a service that offers pickup and delivery. Then, you’ll just set the date, and the valet will grab your items.

It’s even better if you use a company that offers free delivery. Then, you don’t have to budget the cost of pickup and delivery.

Enjoy Convenience With Wash and Fold Near Me

When you do laundry at home, it’s anything but convenient. In fact, it’s so inconvenient that your laundry might end up piling up. Fortunately, everything about using a wash and fold laundry service is convenient. You can order the service online and schedule pickup and delivery. You can even pay online. In fact, you’ll only need to get off the sofa twice. First, you’ll need to hand the dirty clothing over to the valet. Second, you’ll need to grab the clean clothes when the valet drops them off at your door.

Benefit From Professional Cleaning

When you use a wash and fold service, professionals will clean your laundry. Professionals have the tools and resources to remove tough stains and keep your clothing looking new. If you are tired of annoying stains, faded colors, and shrunken clothing, it’s time to outsource the task to a wash and fold laundry service. Then, you can see the difference professional cleaning makes.

Extend the Longevity of Your Clothes

Does it seem like you go through your clothes quickly? You can extend the longevity by using a wash and fold laundry service. By preventing shrinking, fading, and other issues, you can wear your clothes for much longer. That means you won’t keep going over your clothing budget. This is just one of the many benefits of using a professional laundry service.

Receive Professionally Folded Clothes

Folding is possibly the most challenging aspect of doing laundry. It’s hard to fold clothes without professional training. Fortunately, you’ll have access to folding professionals when using a wash and fold service. When you get your clothes back, they’ll be professionally folded and ready for you to put away. This will help you save even more time while avoiding the frustration of folding clothes.

Get a Fast Turnaround Time With a Wash and Fold Service

Does it seem like your laundry pile gets higher and higher every week? Because of that, you often have to go without wearing your favorite clothes. Fortunately, you can keep a closet full of clean clothes when you use a wash and fold laundry service. With a turnaround time of just two days, you won’t have any trouble keeping your laundry basket empty and your closet full. Plus, you can use a rush service to get your clothes back within 24 hours if you have a special need.

Maintain Control

If you have a certain way of doing things, you might be afraid to hand over control of your laundry. However, you can maintain control while outsourcing your laundry. Wash and fold laundry services allow you to make special requests for the staff to follow when washing and drying your clothes. Thus, you can let the company know if you want your laundry washed a specific way, require a special detergent, or something else. Simply add your requests when scheduling the service, and the staff will abide by them when washing your clothing. Then, you can maintain control without putting in the hard work.

Save Money With Wash and Fold Service

There’s a myth that it costs a bundle to use a wash and fold laundry service. In reality, you can find a company that offers affordable pricing plans. The monthly pricing plans are so affordable that you might even save on the cost of laundry. After all, you won’t have to pay for:

  • Detergent
  • Fabric softener
  • Washer and dryer maintenance and repairs
  • Energy to run your washer and dryer

Along with pricing plans, you can pay by the pound. Then, you can get a better idea of how much you’ll use the service before signing up for a monthly pricing plan.

Use the Same Place for Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Did you know that you can choose a wash and fold service that also offers dry cleaning and alterations? Then, you can send all of your garments to the same place. It’s easier to stay organized when you can schedule all your services from one app.

It’s Easy to Get Started

These are just some of the benefits of using a wash and fold laundry service. You’ll likely add some more to the list once you become a satisfied customer.

First, you’ll need to get started. You can sign up and schedule a service online. Then, the valet will bring your clothes for you to the laundry facility.