It’s no secret that washing and folding clothes takes time. In fact, you might find yourself spending most of a weekend catching up on your never-ending supply of laundry. While it’s impossible to wash and fold your clothes in minutes, you can follow some tips to speed things up on laundry day.

First, check out some strategies to cut down on the time you spend doing laundry. Then, explore using an NJ laundry service instead of washing clothes yourself. If you go this route, you’ll save hours instead of minutes on laundry. Then, you’ll finally be free of this time-consuming task.

Sort Clothes in Hampers or Use “Laundry Service Pickup and Delivery Near Me”

Did you know you don’t have to sort your garments if you use a pickup laundry service in New Jersey? Instead, you can throw everything together, and the staff will sort it for you.

However, you do need to sort your laundry before washing it at home. This can take up a lot of time if you wait until you’re about to wash your clothes. Thus, consider buying multiple laundry hampers to make the chore easier. After setting them up, you can place your dirty clothes in the corresponding hamper, so they’ll be sorted when you’re ready to wash them. Then, you can tackle your laundry one hamper at a time. It’s still not as fast or easy as using an NJ laundry service, but it will make the process much more efficient.

Pre-treat Stains as Soon as They Happen

Do you tend to toss your soiled garments in the hamper, even if they’re stained? That gives the stains lots of time to set in, meaning you’ll have to work twice as hard on laundry day. Fortunately, you can save time and get better results by pre-treating stains the moment they happen. You’ll discover that stain removal products are much more effective with this strategy, so you won’t have to devote nearly as much time to the task.

What if you’re already pinched for time and don’t have enough left over to pre-treat stains during the week? If you’re overwhelmed by the thought, it’s time to search for “laundry service pickup and delivery near me.” A laundry pickup and delivery company can treat your stains and do your laundry for you. The team will even fold your clothes at the end, so you’ll just need to put them away after the valet drops them off at your home. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Adjust the Cycle Length or Schedule a Pickup With an NJ Laundry Service

The professionals at a pickup laundry service in New Jersey will use the proper settings on the washing machine and dryer when laundering your clothes. However, you’ll need to check the settings if you do your laundry at home.

While there are a lot of settings, the cycle length is the most important regarding efficiency. You want to wash your clothes as fast as you can while still getting them clean.

Some machines let you adjust the cycle time manually. If that’s the case, add more time when washing heavily soiled garments.

If you can’t change the time manually, you’ll need to choose the appropriate setting. For instance, you can use the super-heavy or heavy-duty setting for heavily soiled garments. Then, light or normal cycles are faster and ideal for lightweight, less soiled clothing. By choosing the appropriate setting, you can reduce the time you spend doing laundry. In fact, you can blow through a light cycle in as little as 15 minutes.

It’s essential to keep in mind that a light, quick cycle can’t handle heavily soiled garments, so in that case your clothes will still be dirty when the load finishes. Thus, use an NJ laundry service to save time while ensuring your clothes are washed properly. Then, you won’t find yourself cutting down the cycle time to move through the process. Instead, the professionals will choose a cycle length based on the type and condition of the garments.

Set Up a Dedicated Place for Folding Clothes

Once your clothes are dry, you’ll be ready to fold them. You probably fold clothes on the fly, meaning you set the basket down anywhere and start folding. You might even try to fold while walking toward your dresser to put up the clothes. While it might seem like multitasking speeds it up, it can actually add more time to the task. After all, you’re more likely to make mistakes when multitasking.

Thus, set up a dedicated area for folding. Put all clothes that need to be folded in this area as soon as the dryer finishes. Then, fold them and put them away immediately.

While this will make it more efficient, folding still isn’t that much fun. Thus, consider using a wash and fold delivery service in New Jersey for this and the other tasks. Then, you will have more free time than ever.

Roll Your Iron-free Clothes

You can save a bundle of time when doing laundry by rolling clothes that don’t require ironing. Simply roll the clothes up and place them in drawers. You can fit more garments inside of the drawers this way, and it’s also easy to see what clothes you have available to wear. Plus, this method makes it easier to pack lots of clothes into a suitcase, making it a great choice when traveling.

Of course, an NJ laundry service can tackle this chore for you as well. Then, you can get professionally-folded clothes without the hassle. You can even let the service know that you prefer to have iron-free clothes rolled instead of folded if you wish.

Schedule “Laundry Service Pickup and Delivery Near Me”

These tips will help you wash and fold your clothes more efficiently. However, you’ll still spend the better part of the weekend on the chore. If you prefer having fun or relaxing on your weekends, it’s time to let an NJ laundry service knock out the chore for you.

You can set up an account and schedule a service online. Then, the valet will take your clothes to the facility, where the professionals will get to work. You’ll just need to put the clothes away when the valet drops them back off at your house. Thus, you’ll spend five minutes on laundry instead of a full day or two.


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