Do you tend to wear new clothes right before washing them? While you’re far from alone, this is a serious laundry mistake you want to avoid. Thus, let’s go over some reasons you should wash all of your new garments before wearing them. Then check out some benefits of using a pickup laundry service in New Jersey to handle it for you.

Other People Try on Garments Without Buying Them

It’s not unusual to try on multiple outfits when shopping for clothes. You might have tried on a dozen options by the time you’re done and only bought one or two. The same is true for others. That means that the clothes you buy could have been tried on dozens of times. That means your “new” clothes might have bacteria, dead skin cells, and even lice. You don’t want any of that to reach your skin, so it’s important to wash your clothes before putting them on the first time.

Remember, you can search for” laundry service pickup and delivery near me” to wash your clothes. Then they’ll be ready to go into the closet or your drawers once you get them back from the company. That’s much easier than separating all your new clothes to wash them.

You Could Have an Allergic Reaction if You Don’t Wash New Clothes

Did you know that new clothes often contain chemical finishes? While these finishes make the clothing look great, the residue can react with your skin, causing you to break out in a rash. Also, you could experience extreme itchiness and might end up with dry skin if you have an allergic reaction.

Many people who’ve never had allergic reactions develop them for the first time after wearing new clothes that haven’t been washed. Thus, use an NJ laundry service or throw your garments in the washing machine before wearing them. Your skin will thank you.

The Excess Dye Could Bleed Onto Your Skin or Other Garments

Have you noticed how new clothes have a lot of extra dye on them? There’s so much that it can turn the water a different color when washing the garments for the first time. Unfortunately, it can also transfer onto your skin or other clothes if you wear new clothes before washing them.

It’s embarrassing enough when the dye transfers onto your skin. Your coworkers and friends will wonder why your skin is suddenly the same color as your clothes. However, it’s even more frustrating when it bleeds onto other clothes. Then you have to try to get the stain out and might end up having to toss your clothes if you’re not successful. Fortunately, you can avoid this by laundering the garments first.

Unwashed Clothes Can Be Detrimental to Your Health

This might be surprising, but failing to wash your clothes can put your health at risk, depending on the chemicals used when manufacturing the clothes. Chemicals like benzothiazole, nitroaniline, and quinoline can cause cancer and other health issues.

Research still needs to be conducted to determine if your health is at risk when wearing clothes with a high concentration of these chemicals. Even so, it’s wise to run them through the wash just in case. Then you won’t have to worry about touching or inhaling deadly chemicals when wearing your new clothes.

What About Second-hand Clothes?

You can reduce your clothing budget by buying second-hand garments. Second-hand stores offer the latest fashions in like-new condition, making it easy to expand your wardrobe for less.

However, it’s vital to always wash these clothes before wearing them. While they aren’t new, they can be quite dirty. In fact, most second-hand stores do not wash clothes before putting them on the racks. Also, many people donate clothes without washing them, so they’ve likely been worn for an entire day before hitting the rack.

Even if the previous owner laundered the garments, they could still get dirty at the store. First, they’re often surrounded by other clothes that might not have been washed. Also, the grime from the storage areas can transfer onto the clothes, so you never know what you might find. Plus, people often try these clothes on, creating another way for grime and bacteria to end up on the clothing. Thus, use a pickup laundry service in New Jersey or tackle this task yourself before putting on the garments.

Benefits of Using an NJ Laundry Service to Wash Your New Clothes

Washing your clothes before wearing them is critical. Now, let’s look at some reasons to use pickup laundry service in New Jersey after buying new articles of clothing.

Save Time With “Laundry Service Pickup and Delivery Near Me”

First, you can save a bundle of time when using a New Jersey wash and fold service. The company will pick up and deliver your clothes for you so that you can save time. If you’re already trying to figure out how to fit so many chores into a regular day, this can be a huge timesaver and stress reliever.

An NJ Laundry Service Can Extend the Life of Your Clothes

When you buy new clothes, you hope they’ll last for a long time. Fortunately, a wash and fold service can help you achieve this. Professionals use the proper equipment and products for each garment, ensuring that the fabric and colors hold up over time. You can lay the foundation for long-lasting clothes by having a laundry service takes care of the first wash.

Pickup Laundry Service in New Jersey – Schedule Service Today

An NJ laundry service can handle your new items and clothes that you’ve had for years. First, download the laundry pickup and delivery app for your Apple or Android device. Enter all the information, including which clothes are new and haven’t been washed. Then the company will wash, fold, and deliver your clothes to you.