There are plenty of reasons people take advantage of wash and fold laundry services near their homes. Perhaps you don’t have time to wash all the laundry in your household or simply prefer to use your time for something else. It’s also possible that you don’t even have a washing machine.

No matter the reason, there are generally two choices. You can arrange and pay for each wash and fold collection individually or get a laundry plan. Both are good options, but most people will notice a few crucial advantages of opting for a laundry plan.

Save Money

To start, you will save money on the local laundry service with a plan. The savings comes from the differences in pricing per pound of laundry washed.

At Laundry Pal, here’s an example of the savings you’ll make. Without a plan, you pay $1.69 per pound if you have less than 20 pounds of laundry and $1.49 per pound if you have at least 20 pounds to wash. But depending on the plan you choose, you can pay just $1.34 to $1.44 per pound. Those rates apply to the laundry already included in the plan, plus additional laundry you need cleaned.

Help With Budgeting

Because of the way laundry plans are set up, they can also help you with budgeting. After all, you know how much you will spend on laundry per month if you don’t go over the included amount. And if you do go over it, you will still get the benefit of the lower pricing on that extra amount of laundry.

Low Minimums

You may wonder if you even produce enough laundry to take advantage of a plan. But most people will easily meet the minimum. The smallest plan only includes 35 pounds of laundry a month, so it should be easy to achieve. And if you have more wash and fold laundry, you can opt for a plan that includes more laundry and reduces the price per pound even more.

Make Life Easier

Financial savings aren’t the only advantage of choosing a plan for your wash and fold service. Choosing a plan instead of setting up each order individually will also make your life easier since you spend less time booking each batch of laundry.

No Need to Find a New Laundry Service

To start, you will already know where you’ll have your laundry done. There’s no need to find a new service or create a new account. You have an existing account, and your information is in the system.

Get Into a Routine

A wash-and-fold plan can also help you get into a routine. Maybe you’ll be in the habit of having your laundry picked up on Mondays, for example. It’s much easier to remember to put your laundry in the appropriate bags and leave it by the door if it is part of your regular routine.

You to Stay on Top of Your Laundry

Signing up for a plan also encourages you to stay on top of your laundry. After all, you already paid for the service, so you might as well have your clothes and other items cleaned regularly. Staying on top of your laundry comes with all sorts of benefits.

For one, you won’t run out of clean clothes to wear or rush to have a certain item of clothing cleaned before an important event. You also won’t have an overflowing laundry basket in your house. And if some of your laundry has strong odors, such as workout clothes or the items you wear while making home improvements, they won’t stink up your home.

Flexible Schedules

One common hesitation about laundry plans is that they may not be flexible. What happens if you need to change a pickup time or are out of town? The best drop-off laundry service makes it easy to set and change a schedule. For instance, Laundry Pal lets you easily skip or cancel a pickup via text, the app, the website, or over the phone. There’s also no additional cost for these changes.

Easy to Add on Services

You also don’t have to worry about adding on services to your existing laundry plan. Just because you chose a plan instead of paying for your laundry each time, doesn’t mean you can’t get upgrades, like special detergent or dry cleaning items. All you need to do is add them to your order and pay for the add-ons like you normally would.

Make the Most of Your Customer Account

Using a plan also lets you make the most of your customer account with the laundry wash and fold service. Yes, it only takes a few minutes to set up an account and enter relevant information, but it still doesn’t make sense to repeat this process for various laundry providers. With a plan, you’ll find it easier to maintain a single account and refer to one laundry service for all your needs.

You also get to make the most of the various features associated with your account. For example, tracking your laundry and viewing your order history will be incredibly easy and accessible to you. The exact features and information you can view will depend on your laundry service, but this benefit is always there.

Of course, using the same service also means you know what to expect. After all, every laundry service has a slightly different process. But you don’t have to adapt to a new one if you stick to a company that meets all your cleaning needs.

Choose a Plan From Your Laundry Delivery Service

Start taking advantage of these benefits by signing up for a monthly plan with a suitable wash and fold service. You will find yourself saving money and budgeting more easily. You’ll also stay on top of your laundry by getting into a routine that works for you. By building a loyal relationship with your laundry service, you’re sure to improve your experience with the company.