Your washing machine can do much more than just clean your clothing. Many wash and fold services will also clean items like bathmats and duvet covers, as long as they are machine-washable. Take a look at some items you may not realize can go in your machine along with the rest of your laundry.

Bedding Items

One of the biggest categories of items that your local laundry service likely cleans is bedding and related items. It should come as no surprise that your washing machine can thoroughly wash sheets, most of which not even requiring special care.

But even thicker bedding items tend to be machine-washable. You can wash a mattress cover, duvet cover, blanket, comforter, or duvet in the washing machine. The important factor to consider is the machine’s size. It has to be large enough to accommodate the item. That’s why many people leave washing comforters to their laundry drop-off service. Even if you have a washing machine at home, your comforter may not necessarily fit inside. And even if it does fit, there may not be enough room for such a huge fabric to move around and get cleaned.

Pillows can even go in the washing machine. If you have a washing machine and dryer at home, you can simply throw them in. Just be prepared for some loud sounds and be ready to run your pillows through the dryer several times. Also, ensure thorough drying of the filling to avoid mold. Or if washing pillows yourself seems too much work for you, maybe you’re thinking, “Should I have my pillows washed in a laundry wash and fold near me?” You can inquire with your local laundry service, as many are willing to clean these bulky items for you.

You can consider dog beds a type of pillow and throw them in the machine as well.

Bath and Kitchen Mats

From bathmats that you step on after a shower to the kitchen mats you have by the sink, these items can also be washed in the machine. Many rugs and car floor mats are also machine-washable. Still, if they are too bulky for your washing machine, the best wash and fold services will thoroughly clean these items for you.

Cleaning Supplies

You may be surprised at how many cleaning supplies you can throw in your washing machine at home. Some are obvious, such as cleaning rags. After all, cleaning rags are typically made from the same materials as clothes.

But some cleaning items are less obvious. For example, a mop head isn’t something you would typically throw into your machine, yet it turns out to be machine-washable. Put the mop head in a mesh laundry bag and set your machine to either hot or sanitize. Use your regular laundry detergent, but obviously, wash the mop head by itself or with other cleaning products so as not to contaminate your clothes.

Kitchen sponges are also machine-washable. Use the sanitize or hot water setting for a thorough cleaning. You can also machine-wash personal cleaning supplies, such as your bath sponge. Just put it in a mesh bag and throw it in the machine. Proper washing will make it last longer by removing built-up skin flakes and soap scum.

Stuffed Animals

When you think about it, stuffed animals are very similar to pillows, so it makes sense that most fluffy toys are machine-washable. However, note that not all stuffed animals will be safe to put in the machine. Avoid machine-washing stuffed toys with glued-on details or foam beads inside. Also, avoid machine-washing stuffed toys with sentimental value on the off chance that they get damaged.

To machine-wash a stuffed animal, put it in a mesh bag and use the machine’s gentle cycle. You can even throw them in the dryer, making sure to observe that no sewed-on eye or nose gets loose.

Other Surprising Items

In addition to all the above, there are other items you may be surprised to learn can go in the washing machine. Ask your local laundry or pick-up dry cleaning service if they can wash these items for you, or do so from the comfort of your home.


Plenty of bags are also machine-washable, whether backpacks or lunch containers. Always consider the fabric and special cleaning instructions for each item.


Given their material, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that curtains tend to be machine-washable. You may not realize it, but even some plastic shower curtains are machine-washable. Just make sure to clean them using warm water.

Small Toys

It may create some clattering sounds, but you can sanitize small toys using your washing machine. As with most other items on this list, put them in a mesh bag before throwing them in the machine.

Silicone Oven Mitts and Trivets

You likely wash your cloth oven mitts in the washing machine, but maybe you’re wondering how to clean your silicone mitts and trivets. Go ahead and throw them into your washing machine. Simply do so with a warm wash cycle and even wash them with towels or clothing.


Running shoes are yet another unexpected item you can clean in your machine. You will likely want to throw in a few towels to keep the wash cycle quiet. Closely observe the washing process to prevent damage to the shoes or the machine.

Check What Your Laundry Service Will Clean

It is always a good practice to consult your laundry and dry cleaning service about specific items they can wash for you. Most will list the items they clean on their website. Even if an item isn’t explicitly listed on the service’s website, there is a very good chance they’ll wash it for you, especially if it is machine-washable.