People often dismiss a laundry delivery service, but the reality is it can be a very beneficial business to utilize. People regularly comment they wish they knew how convenient a laundry service would be for them years ago. They highlight just how much time using a drop off laundry service saves them.

Here are just a few ways you can benefit from using a laundry service, all of which go back to saving you time.

Directly Save Time

When you are short on time, washing, drying, and folding several loads of laundry can be an inconvenience.

Having a wash and fold laundry do this for you can free up your time for other priorities. It helps your home stay more organized. Your stress will go down when you don’t have mountains of dirty laundry piled in different baskets around the home.

Pick Up and Drop Off Saves Even More

If you choose a pick up dry cleaning service, you will save even more time, as you won’t have to bring your clothes to the launderette or pick them up after.

With that direct time-savings in mind, what are some of the other ways that a wash and fold near me indirectly saves you time?

Scheduling Convenience

Professional laundry services often have online scheduling to help keep it convenient to get a time and day that suits your needs best. This is very helpful to those who have a busier schedule or need their laundry done in time for a specific event. Best of all, many have a laundry service app, so you can schedule service from anywhere.

This saves you time by letting you schedule your laundry whenever you have a minute to do so. Schedule pickup while waiting in line at the store or on your commute (assuming you aren’t driving).

Professional Touch

When you use a laundry service, you have the skills of a professional with your stains and other delicate items. Many of these services also offer dry cleaning, which is critical for those individuals in need of getting their clothing pressed or getting delicate items taken care of.

If you have a fabric that is tricky to care for, professional dry cleaning services will know the specific care required. Likewise for stains, working with a professional laundry company will help you treat any stains before they are washed and set in.

The fact that professionals at a wash and fold service remove stains in the first wash prevents the need to retreat and rewash items.

Additionally, consider a direct benefit of your clothes being well taken care of and cleaned properly – they will last longer. This saves you time spent shopping for replacements. It also saves you the money needed for new items. Of course, any financial savings mean you have to work fewer hours, saving you more time.

High Quality

With a pickup and drop off laundry service near me, you know you are working with professionals. This means your clothing will be handled appropriately. High-quality machines with the best detergents followed up by quality fabric softeners means your clothing is left fresher than ever. There will be tons of stress relief when you don’t have to treat a stain again.

The use of high-quality machines and detergents gives you the same time-savings as the professional touch. When you use a laundry wash and fold near me, you don’t have to waste time rewashing items or shopping for replacement clothes, as yours will last longer.


Utilizing a laundry business helps keep laundry simple. You can drop off dirty clothes in bags and either pick them up or have someone deliver them clean and folded to your door. This drop off laundry service near me can be a lifesaver in the event you have a jam-packed week and need extra assistance getting everything on your to-do list done.

Good for the Environment

Using a laundry service is an eco-friendlier option, especially if you opt for organic dry cleaning. They use less energy and water to get your dirty clothes clean, helping you leave a smaller carbon footprint in the long run. These pick up and delivery services also purchase supplies in bulk, further reducing the long-term footprint.

Save Energy

For those concerned about energy savings, rest assured using professional laundry services helps keep energy costs down. Most use washers and dryers that are energy efficient, making the overall impact reduced.

You may be wondering what eco-friendly dry cleaning has to do with saving time. Simply put, it means you have to spend less time figuring out how to minimize your impact on the planet.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

There are times when the availability of a laundry service doesn’t match your needs, and this is inconvenient. The best thing to do in this case is to research laundry mats in your area to find some different businesses to work with.

In some instances, the cost of using a laundry service may be prohibitive. This additional monthly expense can cut into your budget. It is important to remember the time and stress of caring for the laundry will need to be balanced against the actual cost.

Once you account for the time you save, it will almost always become clear that hiring a laundry and dry cleaning service is worth it.

Saving Time Adds Value

Remember that saving time means that you have more time free to work extra hours if you want. Maybe you wanted to pick up some overtime but wouldn’t be able to if you have to wash your own clothes.

Even if you don’t plan on using your free time to work, the value is still there. You will have less stress, which can potentially reduce your medical costs. Or you can use that time saved to meal prep instead of eating out or save money in other ways.

Let Your Local Laundry Service Save You Time

Given all of the time you will save with a dry cleaning pick up service, you should take advantage of these services. Just think of all the things you can do with your free time.