Many people with a range of lifestyles choose to take advantage of a laundry service, opting to search for “wash and fold laundry service near me.” Even if you drop off your clothes at the laundry service and pick them up later, you’ll save the time you would have spent washing and folding your items. And you won’t have to lug your clothes to a laundromat.

But with a drop off laundry service, you get even more convenience, as you don’t even have to leave your home. Someone will come to your home to pick up your items for washing and folding. Then, they’ll drop them off when they are clean.

And at Laundry Pal, this service is free. But how does it work?

How to Schedule Your Pickup

You can schedule your dry cleaning pick up online via your preferred method. If you’re on a computer, just log into your account on the Laundry Pal website to choose a schedule. But most people will prefer to use the laundry service app on their smartphone.

As you search for a “dry cleaning pick up near me” and schedule your pickup, you will also notice that you have a few options for treatment. This lets you customize your laundry and dry cleaning experience to fit your washing preferences. If any of your items require special washing instructions, you can leave a note as well.

Hours to Choose From

When you first go to schedule your dry cleaning pickup service, you will notice that you can choose any day of the week except Sunday. Choose from between 7 AM and 10 AM or between 6 PM and 10 PM.

You Can Reschedule or Cancel Pickups

No matter how hard you plan, life happens, and you may find yourself unable to get your laundry together in time for a scheduled pickup. Or maybe it turns out you don’t need our services for a week. Don’t worry, as Laundry Pal makes it easy to cancel or reschedule. There are also no fees for doing so.

The easiest way to reschedule or cancel ahead of time is via the mobile app or on the website. But you can also text Laundry Pal. Or you can text “SKIP” as a response when you get the reminder for your laundry pickup.

How to Prepare Your Clothes

Laundry Pal gives you laundry bags in two colors so you can easily separate dry cleaning from regular laundry. Put the clothes for wash and fold in the blue bags. Put the items for dry cleaning services or laundered shirts in the green bag.

Don’t have enough bags on hand? Just have your clothes handy. The valet can give you more bags when he comes to pick up your items to be washed.

What If I Mess Up the Sorting?

We cannot guarantee we will be able to correct mistakes if you put items in the wrong bag, but we do our best. If we notice something in your Wash & Fold bag that should really be dry cleaned, we won’t wash it until we hear back from you.

Check Your Pockets

We try to scan for loose items in pockets or in the clothing, but we aren’t responsible if this happens and causes damage either to the loose item or your clothing. We encourage you to check all of your pockets as you sort your clothes and put items into the bags.

What You’ll Pay

You will see an approximate price for your dry cleaning delivery once your clothes are in the system. Just remember that the price may change slightly at any time until your clothes are listed as “Ready.”

For regular wash and fold service, you pay $1.69 a pound if your laundry weighs less than 20 pounds. If you have more than 20 pounds of laundry, we charge $1.49 a pound. Items like comforters, duvets, mattress covers, couch covers, duvet covers, pillows, blankets, and bath or kitchen mats are paid per piece. If you plan on using Laundry Pal a lot, we suggest a plan that will reduce the price of wash and fold services to $1.34 to $1.44 a pound, depending on the plan.

Items for the dry cleaning pick up service are priced per item. For example, laundered shirts are $2.25. Dry cleaned shirts, shorts, skirts, pants, blouses, vests, and sweaters are $5.49. You can see detailed pricing for other items on the website or in the app.

Rushing Available

Our pickup and drop off laundry service doesn’t charge any extra fees for the added convenience. You just pay for dry cleaning or wash and fold laundry service.

The only exception is if you want to place a rush order. For an extra $10, you can get Next Day service (with a 24-hour turnaround) for wash and fold. You can tell your valet when they pick up your clothes, or you can mention it in your order. Dry Cleaning rush jobs are available with a 48-hour turnaround time for the same fee.

Track Your Delivery

You can track everything about your order via the mobile app. You’ll see when your laundry dry cleaning is picked up. The app will then be updated when your items are cleaned to show when you can expect the delivery to arrive.

Expect 2-day turnaround for Wash and Fold. Expect it to take three days for Dry Cleaning. Remember that these turnaround times can vary.

Who’s Eligible for Laundry Pal Services?

Laundry Pal serves parts of Hudson and Bergen County in New Jersey. We have set pickup and delivery routes, and if you are along one of those, you can enjoy the convenience of the pickup and drop-off service for free. You just pay the normal price for us to clean your clothes.

Take Advantage of Free Pickup and Delivery

Free pickup and delivery make it even easier to get your dry cleaning or wash and fold laundry taken care of. With easy scheduling and home delivery, you can have clean clothes without having to add stress to your life.