On the surface, laundry seems so simple. You gather your clothes, separate them, and throw them in the washer. Then, you move them to the dryer and finally put them away. While it sounds simple in theory, it’s a bit more complicated than that. A lot goes into having fresh, clean clothes, and if you make any mistakes, you could end up with stains, dirty garments, high energy bills, and other issues. That’s why it’s so important to identify common laundry myths, so you can avoid making mistakes.

Take a few minutes to learn the truth behind the laundry myths. However, if you don’t have the time to separate myth from fact (or lights and colors), you can hire a personal laundry service to wash your garments for you.


Myth: You Need to Wash Your Clothes in Hot Water to Clean Them

You might think that your washing machine will only get your clothing clean if you use hot water. However, most items come out perfectly clean when washed in warm or cold water. Plus, your garments are less likely to shrink when washed in cold water, and you’ll use less energy. That means you’ll save money on your electric bill.

Keep in mind that some clothes do need to be washed in hot water. Read the care label, and if it says to wash the clothes in hot water, do that. Otherwise, cold water will do the trick.

Myth: Hairspray Removes Ink Stains

Many people think that spraying hairspray on ink is the key to removing stains. This myth can be traced back to a time when hairspray contained alcohol. However, most hairsprays are alcohol-free now. Also, they have chemicals that can cause the stain to set. So, instead of using hairspray, choose a product formulated for treating stains.

If that doesn’t work, it’s time to use an online laundry service. Then, a professional will tackle the stains for you.

Myth: You Need to Tackle Stains From the Front

Do you find yourself attacking stains head-on? If so, you’ve probably had some issues removing them. When you rub the front of a stain, you’ll end up pushing it into the fabric. Then, it will set into your clothing. Instead of doing that, you need to turn the garment inside out and treat it from the back. This simple tip will allow you to push the stain away from the fabric.

Myth: Using Extra Detergent Gets Clothes Cleaner

Are you guilty of adding a little more detergent than recommended when washing clothes? On the surface, it makes sense that extra detergent would make your clothes cleaner. However, when you explore this a bit, it’s easy to see why it’s a myth.

Detergent turns into suds, and the more you use, the more suds it creates. Dirt and other grime can get trapped in the suds and transfer back to your clothes. Often, the dirt ends up in hard-to-rinse areas. That means the dirt will still be on your clothing when you take it out of the washing machine.

This is one of the most common laundry mistakes, so don’t feel embarrassed if you’ve been making it. Instead, just make an adjustment so your machine can clean your clothing.

Myth: The More Dryer Sheets, the Better

Dryer sheets leave clothing soft and fragrant. Because of that, you might want to add an extra sheet or two to get even softer and better-smelling clothing. However, using too many dryer sheets can hurt your dryer. The residue builds up and can clog the lint trap. Then, your dryer won’t be as efficient. Stick with the recommended amount so you don’t damage your dryer.

Myth: Dryers Need a Break Between Loads

You might have heard that you need to let your dryer rest between loads, but this is a myth. In fact, the opposite is true. You can reduce energy consumption by running loads back-to-back. The heat stays in the dryer for a little while after the cycle ends. If the heat’s still there when you start a new cycle, your dryer won’t have to use as much energy. That’s why it’s wise to plan your laundry schedule so you wash and dry several loads back-to-back.

Myth: You Need to Wash Clothes Twice to Get Them Clean

Do you find yourself washing your clothes two or even three times, thinking that’s necessary to get them clean? This is actually a myth. Your washing machine and detergent are designed to clean your clothing in a single wash cycle. If you wash them two or three times, you’ll waste time and money. First, of course, it will take twice or three times as long to do laundry.  Also, you’ll spend more money on water and energy. Finally, your clothes won’t last as long, so you’ll have to replace them sooner.

Myth: You Should Fill the Machine With As Many Clothes as Possible

There’s a myth that you should fill your washing machine with as many clothes as it can handle to conserve energy. The line of thinking is that since you’ll do fewer loads, you’ll reduce your energy bill. You won’t actually save money, though, since an overfilled washing machine can’t properly clean clothes. Thus, you’ll have to rewash the same clothes.

So, how much clothing should you add to each load? Toss in clothing until your washing machine is two-thirds full. Then, it’s time to stop.

Myth: Only Wealthy People Use an Online Laundry Service

Do you think that personal laundry service is only for the rich and famous? A wash and fold delivery service is actually quite affordable. You can even get a pricing plan to save additional money on the service.

With the reasonable pricing and free pick-up and delivery, you might even save money when using an online laundry service. You won’t have to buy products or maintain your washing machine or dryer. After a while, you might come out ahead.

Schedule a Pick-up With a Personal Laundry Service

A personal laundry service isn’t just affordable. It’s also easy to use. Download the app or get started online. Schedule the service and then enjoy all the free time you’ll have while the company handles your laundry.