You are tired of doing laundry and want to mark it off your to-do list. With that in mind, you’re searching for a local laundry service to use. After some preliminary research, you’ve realized there are lots of options available, and you aren’t sure which to choose. There are some factors to consider when selecting a laundry service. Choose a company with these features to ensure you’re pleased with the service.

Check the Ease of Use Before Choosing a Local Laundry Service

You want to use a laundry service to save time and make things easier for you. Keep that in mind when choosing a company that offers “wash and fold near me.” Some companies make customers jump through hoops to schedule service. That will just add to your stress. Instead, go with a local laundry service that makes scheduling as easy as checking social media on your phone. You can download an app, schedule the service, and then wait for pick-up. That’s so much easier than calling or submitting a request online and waiting to hear back.


Select a Local Laundry Service That Separates the Clothes

Since you want to make things as simple as possible, you should also choose a wash and fold service that separates your clothes for you. You can put your whites and colors in the same bag, and then the company will handle it. They will even double-check for those stray socks that tend to find their way into the wrong load. This is yet one more chore you can take off your to-do list.

Look for Affordable Pricing When Choosing a “Wash and Fold Near Me”

Pricing is also important when selecting a local laundry service. While most companies price per pound, some also offer pricing plans for those who regularly use the wash and fold service. The pricing plans reduce the cost per pound, making laundry pick-up and delivery more affordable than ever. If you are trying to fit a wash and fold service into your budget, this is a must. You can save even more money by selecting a company that offers free delivery. Then, you only have to pay for cleaning your clothes, and not for the pick-up or delivery.

Make Sure You Can Leave Special Instructions

Letting someone else take over washing your clothes is nice, but that doesn’t mean you want to relinquish control completely. You still want to have a say in how your clothes are washed. Select a local laundry service that allows customers to leave special instructions for the clothing. Then, you won’t have to worry about something going wrong when washing your clothes.

Check the Speed of the Service

You don’t want to go without your clothing for too long, so choose a service that offers a quick turnaround. It’s a good idea to make sure the company has a rush service as well. You never know when you might need your clothing in a hurry, so this type of service can come in handy.

Choose a “Wash and Fold Near Me” With High-quality Facilities

You want to choose a service that uses high-quality laundry detergent that uses up-to-date equipment. When a company chooses the best, you can expect the best in return. Then, your clothes will come back fresh and clean, just as you like them.

Ensure It Offers Hassle-free Cancellations

Life can get in the way from time to time, and it can prevent you from being available for a laundry pick-up. Some companies will charge a cancellation fee, which will cause your laundry budget to take a hit. Fortunately, that isn’t always the case. Some companies allow people to cancel or reschedule free of charge. Unless you are absolutely certain that you’ll never miss an appointment, no matter what, make sure you choose a company that has this policy. Otherwise, you could end up spending your weekly laundry money on the cancellation fee.

Select a Wash and Fold Service Convenient Delivery Options

It’s important to choose a local laundry service that can work with your schedule. Go with a company that offers morning and evening deliveries for your convenience. Also, make sure the company lets you select the time if you wish. Then, you can schedule the pick-up or delivery without having to rearrange your entire day.

Check for Customer Incentives

Feeling appreciated as a customer is also essential when choosing a company for “wash and fold near me.” No matter how excellent the service is, you still want to feel like you are appreciated. You will know how much the company values you when it offers ways to earn credits toward the service. For instance, you will love using a laundry service that gives you an account credit every time you refer a friend who ends up using the service. This is a win-win. You can help your friend handle a laundry problem and get free money to go toward your next wash and fold.

See If the Company Also Offers Dry Cleaning

You might not dry-clean clothing as often as you wash it, but you still probably use a dry cleaner from time to time. When looking for “wash and fold near me,” also check for dry cleaning services. You can find a local laundry service that provides dry cleaning at the same location. You can even schedule the pick-up and drop-off for the same time. This is yet another way to make your life easier.

Choose the Right Local Laundry Service for Your Needs

Choosing a local laundry service with these qualities will ensure that you are pleased with the results. You can begin by installing the mobile app for your iOS or Android device. Then, set everything up, order your service, and pay using the app. Scheduling and using a wash and fold service really is that easy.