Are you about to use a dry cleaning delivery service for the first time? If so, you might not know how to prepare your garments before the valet picks them up. Preparing your clothing for this service is actually quite simple. Let’s go over the steps you should take before handing your clothes over to the valet.

Decide Which Clothes Require Dry Cleaning

First, you need to determine which garments need to go to the dry cleaning company. You can begin by checking the tags. If a tag says “dry clean only,” you know you need to send it out with the dry cleaning pickup service. You can also send other items to the dry cleaners, such as high-end denim. In addition, bedding and other household items can benefit from going to the dry cleaner.

Make Sure Your Clothes Are Ready to Be Dry Cleaned

Did you know that most garments don’t have to be dry cleaned after each wear? Instead, you can wear them multiple times before contacting a dry cleaning delivery service. You can wear shirts and suits multiple times between cleanings. Pants can also be worn several times. If you have wool pants, you might be able to wear them 20 times before taking them to the dry cleaner.
If you’re unsure of how often to dry clean your clothing, consult with your local dry cleaner. He or she can analyze your wardrobe and recommend a cleaning schedule based on the fabric, condition, and other factors.

Mark the Stains for the Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

Do you have stains on some of the garments you want to have dry cleaned? If so, you need to mark them so the professional dry cleaner can easily spot them. Use a safety pin to attach a note to the stain. The note should include as much information as possible about the stain, such as what caused it and how long ago it occurred. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for the professional dry cleaner to remove it. In fact, dry cleaners are so adept at removing stains that some people send machine washable clothing to the dry cleaner for the stain removal service. First, people try various tips for treating stains at home. If these tips don’t work, they let the professionals take over.

Check the Garments for Imperfections Before Ordering Dry Cleaning Delivery

Professional dry cleaners don’t just remove stains and odors from garments. They can also repair problem areas. Once again, you’ll attach a note to the areas you want to be addressed. Explain what type of repair you want when you send in the dry cleaning.

Mark Weak Areas in the Fabric

Dry cleaned garments are built to last. However, the material can still form weak areas over the years. You want your dry cleaner to take special care when cleaning garments with weak areas. Thus, attach a note to point out any weak spots in the fabric so the dry cleaner will clean them accordingly.

Empty Your Pockets

It’s always a good idea to empty your pockets before using a dry cleaning delivery service. You don’t want to send your garments off, only to realize that your pockets contained something you need for the day. If you do forget to check your pockets, though, it won’t be the end of the world. The dry cleaning service will also check them before dry cleaning your clothes.

Get Your Shirts and Pants Ready

You can help out your local dry cleaner by preparing your shirts and pants beforehand. Your shirts need to be buttoned and your pants zipped before cleaning. If you don’t do this, your dry cleaner will step in and handle it. However, if you take care of this task ahead of time, the professional can begin cleaning your clothes immediately. That means you can expect an even faster turnaround time.

Remove Pet Hair

You can also speed things up by cleaning off any pet hair that’s accumulated on your clothing. It’s easy to remove hair with a lint roller. Then, when your dry cleaner gets your clothes, he or she can begin tackling stains and odors instead of dealing with pet hair.
Don’t worry if you do send your garments off with pet hair, though. The dry cleaning delivery service will remove it before cleaning your clothes.

Decide if You’re Using a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

While you’re preparing your garments, you should also decide if you’re going to use a laundry and dry cleaning service. If you use a company that offers both, you’ll want to spend a few minutes gathering your laundry as well. Then, you can hand over your laundry and dry cleaning to the same valet.

Schedule Your Service

Once your garments are prepared, you can schedule the dry cleaning service online or via the app. You’ll also have the option of scheduling a laundry pickup service if you wish.

Put the Clothes in a Garment Bag

When you use a dry cleaning delivery service, the valet will bring you a garment bag. You’ll place your dry cleaning in the bag so the valet can transport it to the plant. Keep in mind that you’ll receive separate bags for laundry and dry cleaning. Put your laundry in one and your dry cleaning in the other so they’ll both go to the right professionals.

Schedule a Dry Cleaning Pickup Service Today

Preparing your clothes for a dry cleaning pickup service is a breeze. Once everything is ready, schedule the service on the app or website. Then, the valet will grab your clothing, and the dry cleaner will handle the rest. Before you know it, the valet will have your clothes back, and you can put them up so they’ll be ready the next time you need them. This service is so easy that you’ll never want to drop off your dry cleaning yourself again.