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Bringing LaundryPal to your property adds service and convenience for your tenants and employees, so they can get back to their busy lives.

  • No overhead cost
  • No customer service management
  • No construction costs
  • No maintenance costs

We work with both small and large commercial customers and we always strive to bring a personalized level of service to each one. Some popular linen items we deal with are hand and bath towels, gym towels, massage sheets, yoga mats, floor and logo mats, salon robes and so much more.


  • Colleges & Schools
  • Salons & Spas
  • Health Clubs
  • Medical Offices
  • Country Clubs
  • & Many More!


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Laundry and Dry Cleaning in Edgewater

Is laundry one of the most dreaded chores on your to-do list? It’s a never-ending task, with dirty clothes piling up as soon as you get caught up. Leave the stress and hard work behind with Laundry Pal. Our Edgewater, NJ laundry and dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service is the easiest way to take care of this chore.

How to Use Laundry Pal

We remove all of the stress from doing laundry, down to the way you schedule service. While some companies expect you to call and wait on hold to schedule a service, we let you request a pick-up on our website or through our app. It only takes a couple of minutes to schedule service, and then your laundry will be ready in no time.

  • Schedule a Pick-Up for Dry Cleaning and Laundry in Edgewater, NJ

You can download our app to begin or schedule the service from the website. Choose your pick-up day and time, and we will set it up. With Edgewater laundry pick-up available from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday, it’s easy to fit the service into your schedule.

  • Hand Off Your Laundry or Dry Cleaning

Our valet will arrive at the scheduled time with bags for your clothing. Separate your laundry and dry cleaning into the bags and hand them back to the valet. He will rush them to our Edgewater, NJ, dry cleaners and wash and fold experts.

  • Track and Receive Your Order

Your laundry might be out of your hands, but you can track it with our website or app. The app updates when your laundry is ready, and then the valet will rush it back to your home or business.

Affordable Pricing for Dry Cleaning and Laundry in Edgewater, NJ

You don’t want to spend a fortune on laundry on dry cleaners in Edgewater, NJ. Laundry Pal offers affordable pricing, including special packages for our services. We price by the pound for laundry and by the item for dry cleaning. You can reduce the cost of laundry by purchasing a package that lowers the cost per pound.

You will also save a bundle on pick-up and delivery when you use us. We don’t charge for this service and let you cancel and reschedule for free. It’s even easy to do. Just text us or use our website or app to cancel or reschedule your service.

Laundry Pal’s Services

Some companies only offer a single service, but Laundry Pal is different. We strive to handle all of your needs, so we provide a full range of services for our Edgewater customers.

  • Wash and Fold Laundry in Edgewater, NJ
  • You never have to worry about your dirty clothes piling up again with our wash and fold service. We tackle stains and preserve colors while washing clothing. Plus, we professionally fold the items when we’re done, so you just have to put your clothes away. You can save hours of time with our laundry drop-off service in Edgewater.
  • Experienced Dry Cleaners in Edgewater, NJ
  • Shuffling clothing to and from the dry cleaners is time-consuming. Along with fighting traffic, you have to stand in line when you arrive. Avoid the traffic and the lines by using our dry cleaners. Our eco-friendly solvents eliminate stains while preserving the fabric.
  • Laundered Shirts
  • Shirts take special care during laundering. You need them cleaned and pressed so they will be wrinkle-free when you’re ready to wear them. Our Edgewater laundry service can press and clean your shirts so they’ll be ready for your next business meeting or event.
  • Commercial Services for Dry Cleaning and Laundry in Edgewater, NJ
  • Outsourcing your company’s laundry and dry cleaning is an easy way to save time and money. You won’t have to maintain equipment or pay employees extra to handle the laundry. Also, our commercial laundry and dry cleaning services will ensure that your items look fresh and new so you can make the right impression with your customers.
  • Household Items at Our Laundry Drop-Off Service
  • Curtains, comforters, duvets, and other household items gather dirt, dust, and grime. Washing them at home isn’t really an option, though. Oversized items can harm your washing machine. Also, a standard washing machine isn’t able to properly clean these items. Keep your bedding and other items clean by sending them to our laundry and dry cleaning company. Your items will be fresh and clean and last longer after a good cleaning.
  • Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning and Preservation
  • Your wedding gown has to be dry cleaned and preserved if you want it to last. Our dry cleaners are experts in wedding gown cleaning, restoration, and preservation. Your gown will look like it did when you walked down the aisle when you use us. Plus, we will preserve it in special packaging, so you can pass it down to your daughter or daughter-in-law.

Schedule Your First Service and Save

Today’s the perfect time to schedule our laundry and dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service. If you are a new customer, enter the code “new30” when placing your order to get $30 off.


What People Are Saying About LaundryPal Laundry Delivery Service In Hoboken

No more stress. Thank you guys! I loved the service. Excellent wash and fold. I like the way my clothes were packed. Very punctual pick up and delivery. I definitely recommend LAUNDRYPAL. !

claudia sandana, Via Google Maps

I used their wash and fold service. The clothes are perfectly folded and well organized. Very professional and always on time. Also they  have the best price!

Abderlrahman Hassane, Via Google Maps