Are you tired of your clothes smelling musty when you take them out of the closet? You can’t help but worry that people think you aren’t clean, and you’re ready to do something about it. Find out how an NJ laundry service and other methods can help you keep your clothes and closet fresh.

1.      Use a Pickup Laundry Service in New Jersey

You won’t be able to keep your clothes fresh if they aren’t properly cleaned. Thus, search for “laundry service pickup and delivery near me” to wash your garments. The professionals know how to use the right products and cleaning techniques to provide long-lasting freshness. You’ll notice a huge difference after using an NJ laundry service.

2.      Clean Your Closet

The pickup laundry service in New Jersey will grab your garments to take to the facility. While they’re being laundered, use the time to give your closet a thorough cleaning. First, take everything out of your closet so you can get a good look inside of it. Then, search for signs of water, mold, and mildew. If you see any issues, take care of them before putting the clothes back in your closet. Finally, dust, vacuum, and freshen up your closet so it’ll be ready for your clothing.

3.      Make Sure Your Clothes are Dry or Use an NJ Laundry Service

A pickup laundry service in New Jersey will dry your clothes before returning them to you. However, you’ll have to handle the drying yourself if you wash them at home. Make sure that your clothes are completely dry before putting them away, or you’ll end up with a musty smell in your closet. The foul smell can take over your entire closet, meaning you’ll be anything but fresh when getting dressed in the morning.

4.      Freshen Up With Dryer Sheets

Most people associate dryer sheets with clean clothing. Thus, your clothes will smell like you just washed them when you freshen up your closet with dryer sheets. First, you can tuck them away on a shelf or in the corners of your closet. Then, consider adding a dryer sheet or two inside a pair of shoes or a pocket of a coat you rarely wear.

The dryer sheets will fill your closet with a fresh smell that will also stick to the clothes. Just remember to switch out the dryer sheets from time to time since the fragrance will lessen over time.

5.      Absorb Odors With Coffee Grounds

If you love the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, you can add coffee grounds to your closet. You’ll need to put a scoop or two of coffee grounds in a container before closing the lid. Then, poke a few holes in the lid and set the container in the corner or on a shelf.

The coffee grounds will absorb foul smells while emitting a pleasant fragrance. Then, you can get a little coffee jolt when getting dressed in the morning. Don’t worry about it being overwhelming, though. It’ll keep your clothes fresh without creating an overpowering coffee smell.

6.      Add Cedar Blocks or Sachets to Your Closet

Do you love the fresh smell of cedar? If so, placing cedar sachets or blocks in your closet will help you enjoy that fresh scent every time you throw on some clothes.

Plus, cedar can do more than freshen up your closet. It also keeps moths away, so you won’t have to worry about the critters turning your garments into snacks. Also, unlike mothballs, cedar is non-toxic, meaning it won’t pose a threat to your family or pets.

7.      Use Wooden Hangers

If you don’t want to add cedar blocks to your closet, consider using cedar hangers instead. They also emit a nice fragrance and absorb moisture, so your clothes won’t get musty. Finally, cedar hangers are durable and provide ample support for your clothing.

8.      Prevent Odors With Baking Soda

Do you use baking soda to prevent odors in your refrigerator? You can do the same thing in your closet. This is a good solution if you want to keep your clothes smelling fresh but don’t want to add new scents into the mix. You just need to open a container of baking soda and place it on a shelf or a corner of your closet. One container will do the trick, and it lasts for a long time.

9.      Give Your Clothes Room to Breathe

Your clothes need room to breathe if they’re going to stay fresh. If they’re packed in too tightly, you might have trouble fighting off foul odors. Thus, make sure there’s some space between your garments so the air can flow. This will also help your garments maintain the proper shape when hanging up in your closet.

10. Use a Dehumidifier if Necessary

While a dehumidifier is not necessary for all situations, it can be beneficial if you have a large closet that’s prone to excess moisture. This is most likely to happen if your closet is located in the basement or another area with fluctuating temperatures. The dehumidifier will cut down on the moisture in the air, which will help you prevent a musty smell.

11. Don’t Keep the Hamper in the Closet

It’s not uncommon to keep the hamper in the closet. However, the smell of dirty clothes can take over when you shut the closet door. Thus, leave your closet door open or put the hamper somewhere else. For instance, you can move it to the laundry room or the bathroom so it doesn’t impact the way your clean clothes smell.

You might want to upgrade your hamper before moving it out of the closet. Consider buying a hamper or laundry basket that will make it easier to hand your laundry off to the valet when using pickup laundry service in New Jersey.

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Getting your clothes professionally cleaned will help them stay fresh when hanging in your closet. With that in mind, schedule an appointment with an NJ laundry service. Once the valet picks up your clothes, clean your closet so it’ll be ready for your fresh-smelling garments.