Do your whites go from glistening to dingy after a wash or two? It’s problematic enough to make you not want to wear white clothing again. Fortunately, you can follow some tips to keep your clothes sparkling from one wash to the next. If the tips seem like too much work, you can use a pickup laundry service in New Jersey instead. Then the professionals will tackle your whites, so they’ll glisten and shine without you putting in any work.

1.      Sort Your Whites or Use an NJ Laundry Service

If you use a pickup laundry service in New Jersey, the pros will sort your laundry. That means you won’t have to worry about your white clothes turning pink in the washing machine. However, if you wash your clothes yourself, you’ll need to separate the laundry before throwing it in the machine.

First, separate the whites from the rest of your clothes. Then sort the clothes again based on the care instructions. For instance, if you have clothes that need to be washed in warm and others that require hot water, separate them so you can follow the instructions when washing them.

2.      Pre-treat Stains

You also need to pre-treat stains on your whites before washing them. If you fail to do this, the stains might soak in, making it harder to make your white clothes sparkle. You can use a commercial stain pre-treating product or apply Blue Dawn Ultra dishwashing liquid to the stain. Both will do the trick when removing stains from white clothes.

3.      Soak Your Whites

Do you have some whites that look gray? You might think you have to toss them and start over again, but you can soak them in baking soda to brighten them back up. Put the baking soda in hot or warm water, based on the care instructions, and let them soak for two hours. Then you’ll be ready to toss them in the washing machine.

4.      Use a Color Remover for Graying Whites

It’s also important to use a color remover during the wash cycle to brighten up the garments and remove the gray tint. If your color remover doesn’t work, you can search for “laundry service pickup and delivery near me” to revive your whites. The professionals have tricks and tools at their disposal that can transform your whites.

5.      Refresh Clothes With White Vinegar

You can also make your white clothes glisten and gleam by adding half a cup of white vinegar to each load. This will prevent the whites from turning gray and make them look bright when they come out of the washing machine.

6.      Don’t Overload Your Washing Machine

It’s never a good idea to overload your washing machine, especially when washing white clothing. Your whites need ample room to move around so the white vinegar and detergent can remove the stains and grime. If you overload your machine, your clothes will look dull and less than desirable when coming out of the washing machine.

7.      Use the Proper Amount of an Enzyme-rich Detergent

You still need a little extra whitening power when washing the load. Thus, use an enzyme-rich detergent to break up all the particles that cause whites to turn gray. It’s essential to use the proper amount of detergent, too. If you use too much, it’ll get stuck on the clothes and won’t wash off entirely. Then your clothes will have a gray tint, even if you followed all the other instructions. Don’t forget that you can use an NJ laundry service if you want to skip this and the other steps. That way, you can get bright whites without the work.

8.      Use the Hottest Water Possible

Read the care label and use the hottest water you can when washing white garments. Most whites can be washed in warm or hot. By using the hottest water possible, your washing machine will do a better job of brightening the white garments.

9.      Rinse With Vinegar or Send Whites to a Pickup Laundry Service in New Jersey

If you don’t add white vinegar to the entire wash cycle, at least throw some in during the rinse cycle. Vinegar does an excellent job of removing excess detergent from the fabric, so you won’t have to worry about a sticky, grimy buildup that makes your whites look gray. For the best results, add one cup of distilled white vinegar during each rinse cycle when laundering white garments.

10. Inspect Garments That Come Out of the Washing Machine

You aren’t quite done when your clothes come out of the washing machine. At this point, give them a once over to make sure they’re sparkling. If they still look gray and dingy, you need to start the process over again. Start by pre-treating your clothes and then wash them. They should be sparkling white after the second load. If not, it’s time to use an NJ laundry service.

“Laundry Service Pickup and Delivery Near Me” – Outsource Your Laundry Today

As you can see, you have to follow a ton of steps to make your whites glisten and shine. That adds even more work to an already time-consuming chore. Fortunately, you can get that time back by using a pickup laundry service in New Jersey.

The process couldn’t be easier. First, download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Then enter your details and sign up for pickup and delivery. A valet will then go to your home or office to pick up your whites and other clothing. Then they’ll get a professional cleaning before going back to your house. When you use this service, you won’t have to worry about dingy whites ever again. You also won’t have to worry about dedicating a weekend to washing clothes.